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How did fd:uk come about?
Why form the club? Myself and Nigel started talking about forming a 3rd gen club. There are three areas of discussion that led to this (in no particular order)...

It came to the attention of Nigel and myself through Nigel talking with Rotechniks that there are a lot of 3rd gen RX-7 owners in the UK that are not members of the official RX-7 owners club and have no way of sharing information or meeting up.

There are a lot of people that are unhappy with what they are getting from the official RX-7 clubs. There seems to be a couple of reasons for this:
  • There are a lot of older members of the official club and many people that just meet up a couple of times a year and look at the cars.
  • There does not seem to be as much enthusiasm over motorsport as come people would like. Even though the official club is for all generations of RX-7 it seems to focus mainly on the 1st gens (see the club badge) with what feels like over 60% of members being 1st gen owners.
As well as JAP and JAE there are lots of mini-meets like Boxhill that happen every couple of months from the spring to late autumn. There is no representation of RX-7s at these meets. There seems to always be a good turn out of Supras, Pulsars and Evos. The 3rd gen is up there with these cars and we were sure that there were other people that wanted to join in these events if they knew about them. With these three points together we thought that we had enough reason and would be able to generate enough interest to form the club. Why only 3rd gens? Lets face it, the 3rd gen is a beautiful car. We also believed that there were enough people to make a 3rd gen only club. If the club were 1st and 2nd generation cars too, then we would be in direct competition with the official RX-7 owners club and we'd soon find ourselves in the same position that they were in.

We decided on a few ideals that we were going to try to stick to. This was to make our lives easier and also help us stay a dynamic and easy going club.

No committee and no red tape. These two are quite closely linked. The committee just makes things more beurocratic and stuffy which was definitely not the direction that we wanted to head in. Having a president and a committee implies some sort of hierarchy. We don't need that. It's just leads to squabbles and bickering. Not what we wanted.

Have an on-line e-mail list for the group. There are several reasons for this. It means that there is no need to have a news-letter because everybody knows what is going on all the time and also no-one has to write a news-letter (and thus having a news-letter person post which leads to having a committee). It also means that we can arrange events with only a few days to go. The quarterly news-letter is fine, but it does limit the speed with which you can react to things. We had in the past only found out on a Thursday that a Boxhill meet was happening on the Saturday. Try doing that with a quarterly newsletter.

No membership fee. Why have a membership fee? You then need a treasurer (which leads to a committee). With no membership fees, more people are likely to join. If someone wants to create some stickers or t-shirts or something like that, they can do it on-the-fly, seeing how many people want them and making them to order.

It was really a bunch of people that share a love for this beautiful car that want to meet up and talk mods and have fun.

Also, even though Nigel and myself had formed the club, it was not going to be just us organising every event (events co-ordinator, committee argument) as anyone in the club who has something that they think might be of interest to the rest of the people could set up a meeting point or ask around and then use the club name to book space at an event.

So, on Sept 13th 2001, the FDUK club was founded. I think that we have managed to keep all the ideals that we talked about before we formed the club and I hope we manage to maintain them for the future.


Can I join if I don't own an FD?
Membership of the club is only open to owners of 3rd generation RX-7s.

However, if you are thinking of buying an RX-7 you are welcome to register on the forum and gain access to the buyers section where you can read advice on what to look out for when buying, and then pose questions to the members on the forum.

I already own an FD, why should I become a member?
Becoming a member allows you to access and contribute to the whole forum including technical and other information.

The club has built up a library of high quality "how to" articles and detailed advice on the 3rd gen RX-7. Because membership is restricted to owners of the model, you will very quickly get answers to questions from owners of some of the fastest cars in the UK.

The club runs events all year round, from track days to cruises, there is something for every FD owner, whether it's your daily drive or a one-off drag car!

Once I'm registered on the forum, how do I become a full member?
All you have to do is start a new thread in the "Make me a member" section and include some information about you and your car.

The thread will only be viewable by yourself and the administration team, one of whom will then upgrade your account for you. By submitting these answers you will be agreeing to become a member of the fd:uk club.

Read the instructions in the "Make me a member" section for the details we would like to receive from you.

How do I donate to the club
You can make voluntary donations to the club. Please read the following thread http://www.fduk.org/forum/showthread.php?p=162042

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